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100% Natural highest Quality
traditional Japanese vegan ramen


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    When we set out to make our instant vegan ramen,
    we wanted all people around the world
    to be able to enjoy a truly authentic taste.

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    Made in small craft batches using traditional methods for over 50 years in Nara Prefecture, our gluten-free noodles are unbleached, additive free, and full of goodness.

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    Enjoy a delicious, all natural Ramen from anywhere in the world
    with a simple pour of boiled water.

Noodle & Soup


Original Noodle

At the foothills of the Kamuro Mountain range, deep in the Northern Tohoku region of mainland Japan sits our noodle factory. It’s here, with its abundance of pristine water and fresh air where we make our noodles in small craft batches, using only a few choice ingredients: domestic wheat, salt, and all natural Inner Mongolian Kansui. All the goodness is sealed with a patent pending, slow bake process making our noodles much lower in calories and fat than conventionally fried noodles.
Glass Noodle

Glass Noodle

Situated in the glass noodle production heartland of Sakurai City, Nara is where our gluten-free glass noodles come to life. Our team of veteran craftsmen painstakingly make our glass noodles using a blend of Kyushu sweet potato and Hokkaido potato starches. Much of the process involves a lot of manual labor using traditional methods such as sun drying the noodles on only the sunniest of days. Harnessing the sun’s energy also has added benefits to: preserve, disinfect and add vitamins. This results in a premium glass noodle of the highest quality in the most eco-friendly way possible.


Our soups contain no animal-products or chemical-ingredients, and are made with only the finest natural ingredients. No chemicals equal zero impediments to detract or distract the ingredients. Simple yet packed full of flavor, our soup is easy on the internal organs and suitable for young and old alike.


Package 1
Package 2

We believe we share a common interest with our consumers on reducing our impact on Mother Nature. That's why we use SHIELD PLUS developed by Nippon Paper Industries. Basically, our packaging has 3 layers. An unbleached outer shell made of 100% wood material, a water based coating as a mid layer and an ultrathin inner plastic lining. The SHIELD PLUS technology works as a barrier to keep contaminants such as oxidants or Co2 from breaching the product. It's the best option for reducing our plastic material usage while keeping a chemical free food product such as ours safe on the shelf in the freshest state.

Non VOC Ink
At Myramen, it is a priority to minimize our carbon footprint. Thus, we use human and earth-friendly flexographic printing methods for all of our packaging needs.

Package Design

Yusuke Hanai

Our package is designed by the one and only illustrator, Yusuke Hanai. His humor filled work mixes Japanese-style tones with a retro American touch, and has drawn worldwide attention. Check out more of his work at http://www.hanaiyusuke.com/


Online Shop

Original Noodle

MyRamen Original is an all natural, premium instant ramen with zero alcohol or animal ingredients. Our soup uses only the finest and natural ingredients such as JAS certified organic yeast extract made from wheat grains. Our soup contains no animal-products or chemical-ingredients, so you can eat it to the last drop guilt-free. It’s delicious on its own, but we encourage you to try arranging it with different toppings to make your own custom original.

Glass Noodle

Kyushu sweet potato and Hokkaido potato starches are the only ingredients for our Gluten-free Glass noodles, and its painstakingly made by our team of veteran craftsmen using traditional methods. Our noodles are brought out to the open to be naturally sundried on only the sunniest of days, resulting in a glass noodle of the highest quality with a unique springy texture. Regular Shoyu, Kombu Shio and Miso flavor packets contain trace amounts of gluten, but we are excited to introduce a completely gluten-free Shoyu flavor choice.

Online Shop

Powered by Menya Shichisai

To develop our product, we teamed with award winning ramen restaurateur, Hiroaki Sakata of Bib Gourmand designated ramen shop, Menya Shichisai. By adopting macrobiotic principles and sticking to the essence of authentic Japanese ramen in using quality ingredients served in simple settings, Hiroaki spearheaded our efforts to produce a highly refined taste that stays true to its traditional roots, yet free of animal, chemical and alcohol ingredients. Shichisai can be interpreted in multiple ways, one of which is "to change to any form through seven colors". This is the backbone of Hiroaki’s principles of staying true to authentic Japanese culinary culture, resulting in smiles on the faces of ramen fans throughout the world.


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MyRamen Company
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Kasahara Fujisawa Bldg.
2-5-1 Kugenuma Ishigami, Fujisawa-shi,
Kanagawa 251-0025, Japan
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June 7th, 2017
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Mitsui Sumitomo Bank


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