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Although there are instant vegan ramen products currently available, it is of our believe they lack true ramen quality, due in large part to limitations set forth by ingredient selection.
It is also of our opinion there are no instant vegan ramen products currently available that we consider having a truly authentic Japanese taste.
We stuck to traditional Japanese flavors of "soy sauce", "miso" and "salt", and by bringing out the flavor and aroma of the ingredients to the fullest,
we succeeded in making instant vegan ramen which stay true to its ramen roots, while containing absolutely zero animal extract, chemical seasoning, or alcohol.


  • An authentic chili spiked tantanmen

  • Healthy stir-fried vegetable tanmen

  • Lemon-shoyu ramen with
    appetite inducing citrus notes



Key Features

  • Noodle Profile

    Our noodles are flat, wide, medium-thick and wavy.
    The flat and wide profile of the noodles allow for them to gradually absorb the soup and flavor, while the thickness provides a wonderful chewy texture. As for waviness, it is to provide a better vessel to carry the broth to your mouth.
    These are all trademark feature of the noodles at Myramen Chief producer’s highly-regarded ramen shop Menya Shichisai, where they hand knead and cut using 100% Japanese wheat, only after the customer makes their order.
    Although Menya Shichisai uses raw noodles, Myramen stuck to the same principles in an extremely faithful manner.
    As a result, we were able to produce noodles that are hardly believable to come in a dried form.
    Our noodles also make a viable option for health and environmentally conscious eaters, as we also source the same organic flour as Menya Shichisai.

  • Soup Profile

    Our soups contain no animal-products or chemical-ingredients, and are made with only the finest natural ingredients.
    No chemicals equal zero impediments to detract or distract the ingredients. Our soups are simple yet packed full of flavor, and easy on the internal organs.


We are extremely proud and grateful of our Japanese culinary culture.
Our founders are all situated in the heart of Tokyo, and it is our love of the authentic
tastes we experience on a daily basis here that gave birth to Myramen.
Japanese cuisine is a full-blown global phenomenon, we want the world to get a true
taste of it. Straight out of the homeland.

Name Myramen Inc.
Contact 8-9 Minamifujisawa
Fujisawa-She, Kanagawa
251-0055, Japan
Te l : +81-3-6823-4211
Fax : +81-3-6685-8520
Representative Tetsuro Masunaga
Established Jun 7th, 2017
Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Seibu Shinyo Bank
Business Description Manufacture, wholesale, sale and import / export of packaged foods, ingredients , restaurant and shop management, consulting ser vices for distributors and resellers.

Product by Menya Shichisai

From product development to the planning stage, award winning ramen restaurateur Hiroaki Sakata, owner of highly regarded ramen shop, Menya Shichisai, served as Chief Producer.
Menya Shichisai is a Michelin bib gourmand awarded Ramen shop situated in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo in 2016.
The owners all have traditional Japanese culinary training, and are a collective of forward (or way backward?) thinkers.
While the ramen industry is notorious for its use of chemical additives, Menya Shichisai uses only natural ingredients, and work hard to source them from partners with sustainable agriculture principles.
The noodles are hand kneaded and cut using 100% Japanese wheat, only after the customer makes their order.
Our aim is to put smiles on as many faces as possible through serving natural and truly authentic Japanese food to people in their homeland and abroad.


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